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K-Zone June Issue Teaser: Old School vs New School

We're hosting the ultimate face off between the classics and shiny new contenders, and K-Zoners are invited!

In the June 2021 issue of K-Zone, you can uncover the epic timeline of every legendary gaming character release, and take a look at a showdown between a few Fortnite faves.

There are also plenty of fun ways to celebrate Sonic's birthday - yes, it's a special year for the speedy blue hedgehog!

Check out our chat with two WWE pros and a LEGOLAND Master Model Builder, plus an Among Us poster!

This month’s mag is loaded with plenty of pranks, puzzles, prizes and a The Falcon and the Winter Soldier or Rocket League mega poster!

The June issue is on sale now, and comes with free* Prank Ball-zooka!


Yana S
I've already got it because it's august
2/9/2021 5:15:36 PM
What do you rate legend of Zelda breath of the wild
22/8/2021 12:35:53 PM
Can't wait for it!
14/6/2021 7:43:05 PM
Nathan D
hi k-zone team your comics are the best! I have read them alot!
13/5/2021 10:45:00 AM
The K-Zone Team
Hi Carlos, the June 2021 issue of K-Zone does not include a Star Wars comic!
13/5/2021 10:37:56 AM
Carlos E M
hi K-Zone !! it's just me and my monthly question of most utter importance ! Is there a Star Wars comic in the June issue of K-Zone? and if so, what is the title of the comic story ?? Thank you !! Keep on K-Zoning ! :)
13/5/2021 10:14:29 AM
Who is your fave duo?
Finn and Jake
Rocket and Groot