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K-ZOOOOOOONE! IS THE BEST! - Mars R K-zone is the best mag EVER! - Ephraim I love Kzone it is the best! - Daniel W KZONE rocks! - Oliver H LoVE IT - Mars R I love your magazines I have been reading them for 3 years - Jake You rock k zone - Lucas I LOVE K-ZONE! AND SHOUT OUT TO ALL K-ZONERS READING!!! - AIden W K-zone RULES - John Thank you so much for everything I hope you can help more people 😊 - Flare


And he shouts out to K-Zoners!

If there’s one thing you watch today, make it this. Dan just met Charles Martinet - the voice of Mario - and he wanted to shout out to all you K-Zoners! #yesthisisreallyhappening

We can’t even deal with how awesome this is!


Hey Hamish, that sure is a sloth, well spotted dude! Sloths are one of my favourite animals and that's one of my fave tees, thanks for commenting!
29/10/2015 3:56:21 AM
I like your shirt Dan :D Is that a sloth?..
26/10/2015 9:52:41 PM
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