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boo - Teaghan O Super good and fun I’ve entered a prize for the e scooter but it was so hard to choose out of the great prizes - Noah M Hello - Emerson I love K-zone's and i don't want them to end. - sam m i luv the new kzone showbag. cant wait till mine arrives - dylan b Hooray for kzone - Lucas REMEMBER YOUR NEVER ALONE. SO HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!! - katie Dear Garrison And Logan You guys are awesome - Samuel I love your magazines! Keep making them! - Toby thanks for making this amazing kzones they have changed my life!!!!!! - grace B

Team K-Zone Draws Gaming Characters With Texta | K-Zone Draws: Gaming Edition

The K-Zone Team try drawing their favourite gaming characters using Texta Nylorite markers! Whose design is best? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the amazing drawings sent in by K-Zoners using their Texta Nylorite colouring markers in the Texta gallery!

Tags:   gaming texta

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