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Shout out to K-zone for having the best Magazines ever - Grace G I LOVE LEGO LEGENDS OF CHIMA! WHYYY DID IT HAVE TO END!?! WHYYY!?!?! But at least they have Ninjago, which is waaaay better! But now that’s ending too! Whyyy!?!?! - Jehanzeb K Best best best mag in the planet 🌍😎 stay cool k-zones - Angas Shout out to my friends - Charlie H I'm in a school Musical and i'm playing Aladdin! OMG - Marcus H kzone should have battle bots - Jaeger L K-ZONE IS A COMIC I LOVE THE MOST! - Brooklynn KZONE IS AWSOME I'M ONLY ON MY SECAND BOOK - madden d K-Zone you're da best! I collect your issues! - Jayden H GOO K-ZOONEE😜🤘 - Cody T

Team K-Zone Draws Gaming Characters With Texta | K-Zone Draws: Gaming Edition

The K-Zone Team try drawing their favourite gaming characters using Texta Nylorite markers! Whose design is best? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the amazing drawings sent in by K-Zoners using their Texta Nylorite colouring markers in the Texta gallery!

Tags:   gaming texta

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