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DOOM and k zone rules - Fynn W minecraft and animal crossing is cool! - Andre C My October issue came yesterday yay - Caelan B hey k-zone I love your magazines you made can you please put roblox in some? please - keelan 10/10 mag, Once I started reading it, I never stop! - kiefer KZone is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Summer H Hey K-Zone, absolutely love your mags! You guys rock!!! - Daniel P I love K-Zone! you da best! 😎😍 - Elijah H I like the cheat codes this place is nice - Eman PLEASE MAKE MORE MINECRAFT STUFF. ALSO DO ROCKET LEAGUE PLS. - ACTIONBOY


Stanley C
I like POKEMON because all of their NEW games, cards and so much more!
14/7/2020 9:39:36 AM
Tanya M
I love POKEMON because there is a game and cards, and i never stop thinking about getting Vmax's and rainbow rares!!!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
10/7/2020 1:37:58 PM
I like all 3 of the games.
10/6/2020 10:29:11 AM
Murphy G
I chose PokΓ©mon because duh πŸ˜’ It’s the best game in the world
5/6/2020 1:00:26 PM
This wasn't a hard decision, because I love pokemon!
4/6/2020 3:57:48 PM
3/6/2020 8:20:51 PM
Luciana T
3/6/2020 2:35:38 PM
25/5/2020 5:52:54 PM
Robert C
of course, poke`mon
23/5/2020 5:35:09 PM
Which would be the best prize?
Pet elephant
Rocket-powered scooter