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I like trains 🚂 - Lewis M I love k-zone and inflation - ben hi i love all of your magazines. - mathilda C k-zone the best i love your mags - Ben M Hello - Hello This is a shout-out to my mum - Chris K-zone have the best pranks - Dane k-zone is the best! :) - Mark N Hey, K-Zone Team! Love the work and can't wait for the new issue! I hope I will be able to win a couple of prizes from last months draw (especially the HP house one)! Keep up the GREAT work! - Nick S love the commands!!! :D - idk


Amanpreet S
I love them all but BAKUGAN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!
15/11/2020 2:46:53 PM
I expected Pokèmon to get the most votes.
28/10/2020 4:32:11 PM
jack f
give me a B give me a A give me a K give me a U give me a G give me a A give me a N what does that spell BAKUGAN!!!!!!
16/10/2020 12:01:49 PM
9/10/2020 9:59:16 AM
Stanley C
I like POKEMON because all of their NEW games, cards and so much more!
14/7/2020 9:39:36 AM
Tanya M
I love POKEMON because there is a game and cards, and i never stop thinking about getting Vmax's and rainbow rares!!!!!!😄😄😄😄
10/7/2020 1:37:58 PM
I like all 3 of the games.
10/6/2020 10:29:11 AM
Murphy G
I chose Pokémon because duh 😒 It’s the best game in the world
5/6/2020 1:00:26 PM
This wasn't a hard decision, because I love pokemon!
4/6/2020 3:57:48 PM
3/6/2020 8:20:51 PM
Luciana T
3/6/2020 2:35:38 PM
25/5/2020 5:52:54 PM
Robert C
of course, poke`mon
23/5/2020 5:35:09 PM
Which poster are you most excited about?
A Mega Minecraft Dungeons poster
A Mega Steven Universe Future poster
A Mega 'Happy Star Wars Day' poster (featuring The Child!)
An Animal Crossing: New Horizons poster
A Super Mario Maker 2 poster