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Which of these Pokémon types is your fave?

Which of these Pokémon types is your fave?

Which of these Pokémon types is your fave?
Which of these Pokémon types is your fave?


Braxton J
Yes mew is ADORABLE
31/5/2021 8:11:54 AM
Jack B
I LOVE DITTO IT CAN TURN INTO ANYTHING. I also like mega Alakazam and mega Kangaskhan
25/5/2021 5:41:42 PM
Sam J
go picatu
19/5/2021 5:38:51 PM
Vinny L
Mew is so cute. Am I right ?
17/5/2021 8:18:51 PM
Ithiel D
I love Pikachu
16/5/2021 10:33:58 PM
Mark N
Psychic cause it move stuff with its wait hold up is that CHEESE
21/4/2021 3:46:01 PM
I voted Pikachu/electric but I think all Pokemon are amazing!
5/4/2021 7:49:16 PM
I agree with jake though raikou is the best electric Pokémon
4/4/2021 8:48:54 AM
Mewtwo is awesome!!! I also love sableye!!
3/4/2021 8:26:29 PM
Emma C
Mewtwo is my fav!
15/3/2021 7:50:55 PM
Rory D
I loooooooooove Pokémon my favorite is Lucario and Buizel
26/2/2021 4:29:37 PM
I’m surprised that people like electric type Pokémon they are actually pretty weak compared to most other Pokémon
21/2/2021 6:57:15 PM
Rowan M
I love Pokémon
2/2/2021 3:45:48 PM
Mew a mythical Pokémon and it’s so cute and small
27/1/2021 8:54:52 PM
I love all the cute Pokemon but pikachu has got to be the the absolute cutest!
25/1/2021 10:16:17 AM
Lachie J
Pikachu is cute!!!!!!!!
23/1/2021 11:05:23 AM
I like electric type because I really like Jolteon.
17/1/2021 8:47:10 AM
Amber R
I really like ditto I like to collect Pokémon cards like my mum.
15/1/2021 8:13:19 PM
Yuta B
I love mew that is why i chose psychic
14/1/2021 2:23:26 PM
Kade W
i love psychic and electric
14/1/2021 9:43:56 AM
Which is the most difficult?