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13 Facts for 10 Years of Minecraft

13 Facts for 10 Years of Minecraft

It’s been 10 years since Minecraft began, so take a trip down a blocky memory lane!


The first version of Minecraft was created in 2009, in only six days. It was originally called ‘Cave Game’, then ‘Minecraft: Order of the Stone’! The game was sort of popular, but didn’t even have a battle royale mode! Finally, in 2010, Minecraft introduced a crafting system. Yep, it didn’t always have one!


You can still play the original game (and realise how much better it is now)! Minecraft Classic only has Creative Mode, with no enemies or mobs, 32 blocks to use, and all the “classic” bugs.


Creepers were created by a coding error, the Enderman language is English in reverse, and Ghasts are voiced by a sleeping cat!


The first iOS release was in 2011, AKA the year we all mined way too many dirt blocks on our phones.


Minecraft: Story Mode launched in 2015 and… Look, we really just don’t want to talk about it. It's too soon. We're still too emotional... If you know, you know.


In 2017, The Better Together Update delivered cross-platform play to Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android! Nintendo Switch snuck into the group a little later in 2018!


In 2018, players raised $100,000 for The Nature Conservancy to help protect coral reefs by placing 10 million coral blocks underwater in Minecraft! A few months later, they raised another $100,000 for the World Wildlife Fund’s mission to protect pandas by placing 10 million bamboo blocks!


In July 2018, Adventure Time aired a crossover episode with Minecraft!


In 2019, the Update Aquatic revealed new mobs, like turtles, dolphins and the terrifying sky demon, Phantom. We can’t complain about the nightmares since the Minecraft community voted for it.


Minecraft has sold over 176 million copies in almost every country in the world!


You can party with the free 10 Years of Minecraft map from BlockWorks! There’s a huge Minecraft theme park, with a Mob Garden, heaps of Redstone Contraptions and a lot more. Just keep an eye out for hidden Easter eggs and other sneaky secrets.


Already know all of this? Well, you must be a pro Minecrafter, with a lot of gaming memories to celebrate!


We’ve all imagined building a Minecraft creation IRL – under the clothesline in the backyard, at the park by the beach, or in an open rolling field. Soon, you’ll be able to grab your phone and build anywhere, using the power of augmented reality (AR)!

How long have you been playing Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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