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13 Sports Games To Try

13 Sports Games To Try

Whatever the weather, these sporty titles are a great way to have a ball from the comfort of your couch!


Got the itch to dance a ball down the pitch? Now you’d better score a netter in FIFA 21! FIFA fever’s only cure is a big dose of big-booted goals. Or sidestep over to eFootball PES 2021 and make a mate’s defence look messy with Lionel Messi, the real PES (goal) dispenser.


Handballs are a-okay when you add extra bounce to a soccer ball and transform it into a basketball. Ditch the soccer kicks and add some stylish kicks for extra jump height in NBA 2K21, ’kay? It’s got b-ball dunks so tall you enter freefall. Talk about a space jam!


Squish that round basketball into an oval, then step onto a different kind of oval for another kind of football. Rugby 20 gets you in the muck of rucks, then maul for the ball with no “Darth” requirement. Or evolve to resolve how a high kick revolves with the high-kicking hijinks of AFL Evolution 2!


Shrink that orig round ball to embrace the ace pace of these tennis games, sets and matches. Make a high-scoring racket with your racquet in AO Tennis 2. Now be a good sport. Duck and bob around the court. Then smash and lob the ball to all sorts in Tennis World Tour 2!


With an even tinier ball, swing into a different kind of volley. Good golly, golf games are great! Get a fair way down the fairway of PGA Tour 2K21. Or pass the controller clubs and slice into the marvellous mini-golf masterpiece, Golf With Your Friends. Want a real hole in fun? Take What the Golf? for a spin!


Forget about kickable balls for a sec. Now use the balls of your feet to pedal power your way through the epic trek of Tour de France 2020. Time to peddle off-road meddling instead of on-road pedalling in the death-defying downward descents of Lonely Mountains: Downhill! Plus, the cycle of cycling continues in the Lonely Mountains DLC.

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