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Angry Birds Cheats

Angry Birds Cheats

Unlock extra levels, get the golden eggs and other cheats for this sweet game!

Thought you'd played every part of Angry Birds? There's loads more, hiding from you like a pig unless you know the cheats!

  • If you beat all levels, you score the unlockable trailer.
  • If you beat all levels with three stars? You get the Big Present Stage!
  • If you get the golden egg on levels one to 13, you unlock the Golden Egg Stage!

Wanna know where some of the Golden Eggs are? Okay, fine, you twisted our arm, LOL.

  1. Score three stars in worlds four and five - Golden Egg 1
  2. Tap the sun on the select screen - Golden Egg 2
  3. Tap the egg after the credits - Golden Egg 3

Good luck! Get gaming and get angry!

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