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i made obi wan and darth vader - MYSELF I love KZONE!!! - Cameron Shout out to my best freind Eli - Ethan C Sup y’all I am hoping to win a prize have a good one k-zoners - Callum s Hey guys, I received my prize today after school and I am so happy with what I received thank you so much! I have taken photos to share with my family thanks again.. I can’t wait to get reading these amazing books! - Xavier Z I love the cool prizes! - William Sup K-Zone I love your mags they're so EPIC!! You rock K-Zone keep it up!! :D - Jacob S Shout out to my best friend Rowan M! - Hayden O shout out to my best friend David S - Zak i like trains - Theo K
Are You A Jedi Or A Sith?

Are You A Jedi Or A Sith?

Suss your Star Wars calling...
Take the test and see what your Star Wars vibe is...
A or B?

you have a killer brown cloak collection.

You'd never guess but...

this one time you saw a cat stuck up a tree and didn't help it.
Blue shirt

You prefer this shirt in...
Red button up shirt
red. It matches your eyes.

killer Padawan plait.

At the mo you're rockin' a...

furrowed brow. This isn't funny.


A crime lord is after you. You...

blassssst him! And then brag about it.
Light side star wars transport

When catching public transport, you prefer something like...
Dark side transport
or this.

loyal. Wise. Furry.

Your mates would describe you as...

brave. Intense. Croaky.

play video games with mates.

On Saturday nights you...

wash your dark laundry and/or destroy planets.

So true!

True or false: you are having a good day.

No day that is good is good.
Little blue cat

Serious question...
Grumpy Cat
or this?

Obi-Wan Kenobi! Duh.

If you could battle any Jedi, it'd be...

any noob that thinks they could beat you.

feel at peace.

When you play videogames you...

get HEAPS mad at ALL the things.

Cloud City.

Your next holiday will be in...

the Death Star.
Star Wars minifig
this guy.

You would rather have over for dinner...
or this guy.

Tally your score!

Are you mostly As?
Hey, you with the Padawan plait! We'll be in touch if there's ever a planet that needs saving. You're heaps good, wise and brave. "Very Jedi you are." Cheers Yoda!
Or mostly Bs?
You're either (a) heaps evil (b) not enjoying what's on TV or (c) just into the colour black. Either way, being bad has a certain dark-side appeal. Hello double-bladed lightsaber!

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