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Bakugan: Battle Planet Guide

Bakugan: Battle Planet Guide

Did someone say ‘Bakugan Brawl’? Skill up with this guide!


New to the world of Bakugan: Battle Planet? In this cartoon, a mysterious event happens on Earth known as The Great Collision. Fast forward 12 years where Dan Kouzo and his mates discover alien creatures known as Bakugan. They each team up with a Bakugan in battles against opponents such as Magnus Black and The EXIT team, as well as trying to stop evil forces! The Bakugan come from a planet called Vestroia, which was made up of the different elements of Bakugan. As well as this toon, there’s also a trading card game and toys so you can be a Bakugan brawler IRL!



Teaming up with a Bakugan from a faction that matches your playing style is important!



AKA: Faction of aggression.

Battle style: Attack and win quickly!

Featured fighter: Dan's Dragonoid



AKA: Faction of focus and precision.

Battle style: Always looking for the perfect moment to strike!

Featured fighter: Shun's Hydorous



AKA: Faction of growth and decay.

Battle style: Focuses on growing energy to ultimately cause damaging attacks!

Featured fighter: Wynton's Trox



AKA: Faction of momentum and control.

Battle style: Strategic – always looking for a way to control the game to their advantage!

Featured fighter: Lia's Pegatrix



AKA: Faction of power and greed.

Battle style: Ruthless and willing to make sacrifices to win battles!

Featured fighter: Lightning's Howlkor



RL sets include a Bakugan ball, trading cards and BakuCores. Unleash your Bakugan by rolling the ball across the BakuCores! When you're playing IRL you want to outroll, outthink and outpower your opponents. There are over 100 Bakugan to collect in season one – so many options! Pay attention to the B Power and Damage Power stats on your character card. Like the toon, each faction can help you win battles in their own way. This is super useful to know when you’re playing the trading card game and have heaps of different cards to play with! 

Here are a few of the many combat powers that we rate...

Double Strike: For Pyrus players, playing this card deals double damage power to their opponents in a single attack. It’s a great last card to have!

Shadow Strike: This power card is great for Ventus and Darkus players. Play this card and your Power and Damage can't be weakened. Score!

Frost Strike: One for Aquos and Haos players! Strike at an opponent and they'll have to play an extra Energy card for each point if they want to play a Flip card to stop your attack. With this strategic move, you're weakening their deck. Mwahaha!

Check out the K-Zone team unboxing Bakugan: Battle Planet toys!


I got a green Nillious
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i have drogonoid boyyyyyy
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I wish I had a dragonoid
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I wish I had a dragonoid
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I wish I had a dragonoid
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