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WHEN I PICK A k-zone up i cant put it down again - Luis C i love K-Zone - Kade W Who would not like k-zone - Jeff omg i love your mag - Charlie C I love pigeons!!! - Nevada C shoutout to my dog Lucy - Kade W K-zone is the best I’d love to meet the creators I’ve got every mag for 12 months in a row - Logan H Oh My Gosh I just got the new mag and it the best 1 yet, shoutout to all u K-Zoners - Bailey I Bababooie - Xavier I love all of you at kzone u guys r doing great! - Gae
Bakugan Brain Boggler

Bakugan Brain Boggler

Battle with this brawlin' Spot the Difference puzzle!

There are 10 sneaky differences... Can you spot 'em all?

Bakugan Puzzle
Bakugan Puzzle with Changes
Grab the answers HERE.

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