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Behind The Scenes: Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia

Behind The Scenes: Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia

Spin Master’s Creative Director Frederick Ernst spins into an interview with Game Ninja about mastering the need-to-know deets of Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia! Available On: Switch

KZ: Hi Frederick! Which parts of the story are specific to the game and are familiar or new to Bakugan fans?

F: Bakugan fans should feel right at home in our story. But we didn’t want to just retell the story from the anime, so we’ve got a new city and a new cast of characters. But it all takes place in the same world as the anime and the Awesome Brawlers naturally make an appearance.

KZ: Sweet! What’s the basics plot?

F: The story has two parallel plots. One plot focuses on the Bakugan Championship tournament. The other involves a sinister plot in the city of San Barbas, one that only our Bakugan-brawling hero has the means to uncover.

KZ: What inspired the story for the game?

F: We really wanted to give the player a big, dramatic story to star in. We wanted to dive into some of the unique elements of the Bakugan world like Vestroia itself and explore some of the themes from the anime from the perspective of a new set of characters.

KZ: What new stuff will the fans love?

F: Our unique take on brawling, mixing anime visuals with trading card game-inspired depth. Our story introduces some new villains and characters to the world. Plus, Leonidas making his story debut and joining the roster of Bakugan.

KZ: How is Bakugan different from other RPGs?

F: The biggest difference is certainly going to be our brawling that blends real-time and turn-based battling. We think it hits a nice balance between action and strategy.

KZ: Real talk. How much ‘research’ time was spent playing with Bakugan toys?

F: To immerse themselves in the Bakugan world, the team at WayForward watched the anime and ran mini-tournaments of the toy/trading card game. They really wanted to make sure they were capturing the feel of both the show and the toy!

KZ: Any gameplay tips?

F: The best tip is to experiment. You can’t die in the game and the Bakugan can’t die, so you’re free to mix it up and try any strategies or teams you can think of. Play with all the factions to see which best suits your play style.

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