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Behind The Scenes: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Behind The Scenes: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Game Ninja races through challenging questions with Mediatonic’s Level Designer Joseph Juson to uncover the fully frantic fun of keeping Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout fresh! Available On: PS4, PC

KZ: Hi Joseph! What was the main inspiration behind Fall Guys?

J: The main inspiration was a combination between Battle Royale games and classic TV game shows like Takeshi’s Castle. If you’ve not seen it, it’s definitely worth taking a peek at on YouTube!

KZ: Any other game inspirations?

J: We started looking at more games, such as Gang Beasts, for inspiration on how our game should feel to play, as well as classic Mario Party games for level inspiration.

KZ: Where did the Fall Guys jellybean characters come from?

J: We wanted the character to feel relatable, yet able to fall over a hundred times and get up without worrying about getting hurt. Fall Guys never get hurt and never give up!

KZ: How do you pick which levels make the cut?

J: Our best levels come from sharing ideas around what the Fall Guys can do, such as jump, dive and grab, then figuring out how we can use these in interesting, funny ways.

KZ: Any levels you wanted to get in the game that didn’t make the cut?

J: There was a basketball level I made that I thought was really fun. But the rest of the team didn’t quite agree. I think Fall Guys doing ridiculous dunks felt a little bit too athletic! I’m still hopeful I’ll be able to convince them one day…

KZ: Fingers crossed! How do you pick the themes for new seasons?

J: We all really love snow in games, which is why we’re doing that for Season 3! In the future, we want to get more ridiculous and unexpected with our themes.

KZ: Can’t wait! What was your fave level to create for Season 3?

J: Freezy Peak. This was a really difficult level to put together as there are so many different elements involved. We hadn’t made a Race level where players all start in different positions before.

KZ: What new content can you tease for the future?

J: We’re continuing to work on remixes and Round variations, so players can expect their favourite Rounds to keep evolving as we go. We’re always experimenting with new obstacles that are both fun for the players to interact with and hilarious to watch them fail over!


Archie S
Can’t wait till on Nintendo lite 🤞
15/7/2021 8:52:21 AM
evan P
I love this game this game is so amazing
9/7/2021 7:48:30 AM
Which animal would be awesome to live with?