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Behind The Scenes: Minecraft Dungeons

Behind The Scenes: Minecraft Dungeons

No mining? No crafting? No problem! Senior Project Manager Nathan Rose guides us through what’s to love about the action-packed Minecraft Dungeons! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC in April

KZ: Hi Nathan! Minecraft Dungeons is a ‘dungeon crawler’. What’s that?

N: It’s all about getting together with your friends and having a bite-sized adventure. Or a long journey if you want to. It’s a more combat-heavy experience than you get from standard Minecraft.

KZ: Gotcha. Are there new baddies?

N: The Piggybank is a treasure goblin. He runs around with a bright jewel-encrusted chest on his back. But he’s a lot faster than you. You have to chase him down, attack him and hopefully knock that treasure chest off his back.

KZ: Who’s your fave foe?

N: The Redstone Monstrosity. He’s one of the big bosses in the game. He is 10 times the size of you. He comes through, breaks up the entire environment, slams on the ground, and summons Redstone cubes to attack you.

KZ: How do you keep it Minecraft without mining or crafting?

N: We wanted to focus on the combat first. Mining and crafting is easy to add. It’s just a matter of finding the right time and the right reasoning to put it in the game. We know how to put that into a game, but we want to make sure we do it in the right way.

KZ: So it will come to Dungeons?

N: It’s not on a roadmap now, but we’re planning on Dungeons living a long time after it releases. We have a roadmap and we’re gonna be releasing content post-launch. You never know, mining and crafting could come into that at some point!

KZ: Tease! What other cool content is def coming?

N: We will have DLCs post-launch, which will definitely include new content like biomes. But it could include new cosmetics, new pets. Oh, the pets attack for you in Minecraft Dungeons. There’s all kinds of new stuff planned.

KZ: Should we play solo or squad up?

N: Both! Group play sessions are such a different yet comfortable experience. It is so much fun in both aspects.

KZ: What hidden stuff can we sniff out?

N: There are secret elements in some of the levels that will unlock new locations for you. But if you don’t find them, it’s not going to unlock it.

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