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Coming Soon: Digimon Survive

Coming Soon: Digimon Survive

High five to anyone who aims to thrive in Digimon Survive, a game that’ll put your tactical choices to the ultimate test! Available On: Switch, XBO, PS4, PS5, XSS, XSX

There are stacks of cool activities to dig into on school camping trips. Team games. Getting out in nature. And being transported to strange new worlds stuffed with mean monsters and deadly danger. Wait. That sounds like quite the trip! Okay, so maybe that doesn’t happen IRL. But it’s totes the setup for this new group of teens in Digimon Survive. It’s up to you to lead Takuma and his pals through this awesomely animated game world and back home. But they’ll have to brawl through epic biffs to do that. The 2D top-down battles let you tactically plan battles with your best-bud Digimon. And that’s not the only tough stuff. There’ll be big choices that have a big impact on your monster mates’ Digivolutions. That’s a big deal coz there are 100+ Digimon to find, fight and add to your found fisticuff fam. Plus, those decisions can change the ending of the game.


The first Digimon game landed in Australia 20 years ago on the original PlayStation. There are dozens of Digimon games, and 14 have made it to Australia. Digimon Survive is going to be a spin-off from the main Digimon Story and Digimon World series. Expect it to have totes cool unique features that those games don’t have!

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