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Love Kzone so much. my Parents have let me have a 2 year subscription to kzone every christmas since 2018 or 2019. 2022 will be my 3 year having it YAAAAAAÀY - Bella.H Shout out to Kate, Chris, Cleo and Aurora. K-zone rules - Abbey K-zone is the best :D - Reuben sup k-zoners - Jesse d I want the crisp scooter!!!! - Max So cool k-zone😉 - Dev N I love cookie clicker and k-zone - owen c Hello kzone crew and other kzoners hope everybody having a chill day - Jordan D Kzone is awesome I’ve read you since I was 5years old and I still love it - Jaeger Shout out to my friend Nicole who loves K zone. - Cody
Coming Soon: Epic Chef

Coming Soon: Epic Chef

Overcooked can be overlooked for a bit as Epic Chef brings a new meal master to compete for the cool cooking crown! Available On: SWITCH, PS4, PC, XBO in 2021

It’s teatime again. So take your time. Add plenty of thyme, plus other meal-making materials. And throw together the most epic. Dishes. Ever! Epic Chef puts you in the chef pants of cool-as-a-cucumber Zest. (He sometimes uses cucumbers for cooking, btw.) Lend him a kitchen hand on his joyous and juicy journey. The dev chefs have stuffed fun farming, clever crafting and captivating cooking into one delicious three-course dish. On the farming front, find funky fruit and vast veges. Plus, take care of calm critters, from cows to unicorns. Keep your farmhouse in tiptop shape. And keep an eye out for groovy ghosts. Got the food? Now you need top-tier tools. Use rad resources to make magical machines. Then combo ingenious ingredients in these awesome appliances to deliver divine delights. Creativity is king if you want to be crowned king chef. Now battle cool cooks and cruel crooks in simmering showdowns.


Epic Chef is set in a world that’s inspired by the late, great fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett. The legendary fanciful novelist is known for writing wacky worlds. Creating kooky characters. And hammering home hilarious humour. Dig into his Pied Piper reversal in The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents for starters!

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