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Coming Soon: Moving Out

Coming Soon: Moving Out

Don’t pout. Don’t scream and shout. You’ll be grooving as you’re moving mad stacks of stuff in the piles-of-fun Moving Out! Available On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC on April 28.

We’re huuuge fans of couch co-op games at K-Zone. Well, how about a couch co-op game where you’re moving couches? And stacks of other stuff. That’s Moving Out! You and your moving mates should totes best the bonkers tutorial to become legit Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technicians,or FARTs for short. Moving Out makes you think outside the (moving) box. Like, sneak giant giraffes out of a zoo. After that, it’s up to your personal approval for how you removal. Wall in the way of where you wanna be? Smash it down. Need to shift something outside? Toss it out the window. Some stages let you go all Doctor Strange and use portals to teleport things around. You can shift things around solo. But, really, get cooped up in a co-op team of up to four mad movers. The more you move through the levels, the crazier it gets. Eventually, you’ll end up moving items in space.


Developers SMG Studio has two-thirds of its studios in Australia. Sydney and Melbs. These clever cats have previously made a bunch of rad cinch-to-play mobile games. More recently, these cool cucumbers built the cube-loving co-op puzzler Death Squared. Teamwork makes the dream work in Death Squared, unless you want to see your robots go boom!

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