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Coming Soon: SkateBIRD

Coming Soon: SkateBIRD

Peeps can get air on skateboards. But skate birds can peep, tweet and get some serious air thanks to their wings! Available On: Switch, XBO, PC

Tony Hawk is one of the biggest legends in skateboarding. SkateBIRD lets you replace Tony Hawk with a tiny hawk. Now you can add Sam King to that list of legendary ’boarders. Who’s Sam King? Sam King is a bird. A skateboarding bird. Take flight with Sam and other wannabe skateboarding kings in your pursuit of conquering bird-sized, bird-brained skateparks. Coz everything is baby bird big (read: totes small), shrink your view for expansive trickery. Forget rails. Grind on super-sippy straws instead. Then pull 360s over taped-together cardboard halfpipes. Plus, pop skateboard kick-flips over a computer keyboards. Wooden loungerooms, bricky apartments and concrete rooftops are your flighty playgrounds now! Flap your wings to pull off impossible air, or rail grind upside down. If you fancy a following, fill that Fancy meter with the sweetest, tweetest tricks. The more peeps following your chirp-worthy moves, the more parks you unlock.


Glass Bottom Games is the indie studio team behind SkateBIRD. They’re big animal lovers, which is why they love featuring animal characters in their games. Like, SkateBIRD is obvs stuffed with flocks of skateboard-soaring birds. One of their earlier games feats. a four-legged, hat-wearing feline detective sidekick called Franky!

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