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Coming Soon: Temtem

Coming Soon: Temtem

Temtem is a totes tight title whose roots stem-stem from Pokémon-like gem-gems and it acts as a love letter to them-them! Available On: Switch, XBO, XBSS, XBSX, PS5, PC. PSST! Temtem is an online game, so play privately and safely!

If you Poké-play and Poké-love Pokémon games, Temtem is def your jam. Even if you don’t, Temtem is a mad monster collector that’s mighty kind to newcomers. First, take the time-time to give your Temtem hero a cool look and cooler name. Then head headfirst into the story that takes place on a giant floating world. Stacks of Temtem critters and Temtem tamer types kick it together. Your Happy Apprentice’s Eve celebration quickly leads you on an exploration of this whole new world. And your shiny new Tempedia isn’t going to stuff itself with Temtem. Time to get battling and catching! Rustle around for too long in the long grass, and you’ll find untamed Temtem eager to throw down. So take them down. Or catch them to build a rad ragtag roster. You’ll have plenty of battles against other Temtem tamers early on. Keep your Temtem healthy to stay on track to nabbing the ultimate Temtem tamer title. If you can’t wait to play Temtem, it’s playable in Early Access on PC and PS5 right now!


Temtem almost didn’t happen. The developer Crema was a couple of months deep into development of another game. But they didn’t like it, so they ditched it. The team of 20ish devs then joked about making a tribute to the Pokémon games they adored. When they stopped laughing, they started making that game: Temtem!

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