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Escape The Game With Miah Madden From The Gamers 2037

Escape The Game With Miah Madden From The Gamers 2037

Miah Madden plays Kite in The Gamers 2037, which is streaming now on 9Now! The series is set in a dystopian future where gaming is banned and three former friends must overcome their differences and beat an unbeatable A.I. controlled puzzled-based Virtual and Augmented Reality Gaming (VAARG), or risk becoming trapped in the machine forever!

KZ: Hi Miah! Which game would you want to be stuck in for a day?

M: Definitely the Super Mario Bros inspired game! I loved playing Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo as a kid and wouldn’t be complaining if I got to experience being Kite in the Mario game for a day!

KZ: What was the hardest scene to film?

M: Any scene where I was in the VAARG ARK. We filmed during summer and wore head-to-toe gamer avatar outfits, which were extremely heat insulating! Beating the heat was my biggest struggle.

KZ: Can you share any behind the scenes secrets?

M: On one of our days filming, I accidentally slept through my alarm! I woke up with 30 minutes to get to set (it takes 30 minutes to get to set from my house) so I had a total of 0 minutes to get ready! I have never seen myself get ready and out of my house so quickly! I made it to set 3 minutes late!

KZ: What is your favourite game of all time, or your favourite to play at the moment?

M: Mario Kart! Mario Kart is a classic that is even better played with friends. It never gets old!

KZ: Should K-Zoners look out for any Easter eggs or hidden details in the show?

M: We filmed at some pretty amazing locations in Sydney. If you’re from Sydney, keep an eye out when watching the games as we filmed our games in some pretty iconic Sydney spots e.g. Curl Curl Beach.

The Gamers 2037 Cast Member Most Likely To…

Have a room full of trophies: Ash! Ash is an amazing dancer and I have no doubt that she has an entire cabinet’s worth of trophies, she’s incredible!

Compete at the Olympic Games: I definitely do not have what it takes to make the Olympics; however, if i was good enough, I would love to compete in the track and field events! I did high jump and hurdles all throughout high school and would love to compete again one day! Yet I doubt that will be at the Olympics haha!

Make everyone laugh: Marvin. Marvin always made Ash and I laugh on set, from his funny comments, to his quirky dances, he would always brighten up our day!

Have the biggest costume collection: Again, Ash! I am positive that Ash would have a closet full of dance costumes accumulated from her years as a competitive dancer.

Have a terrible memory: Oo this is a tough one! We actually all have really good memories and always knew all of our lines for our scenes! Ash and Marvin rarely ever forgot their lines!

Play an instrument: Marvin. I’m pretty sure Marvin plays an instrument of some sort but I can’t remember what it is! Maybe I’m the one with the terrible memory!

Secretly have superpowers: I could totally see Ash starring as a Marvel superhero! If anyone had superpowers of some sort, it would be Ash!

Pull a prank: Marvin would definitely pull off the best pranks! I feel like he would surprise you when you least expected it!

To read more of our interview with Miah, grab the March 2021 issue of K-Zone, on sale now!

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