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FIFA 20 Cheats

FIFA 20 Cheats

Be awesome in attack, deadly in defence, and victorious in all-new Volta mode with this trio of top tips for FIFA 20! Available On: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, OC


In Volta, take your time when you have the ball. Let your AI or human opponent rush to steal possession. That’s when gaps are created. Also, skill moves are great. But tiny dribble turns with the joystick are just as effective. Wait for the defenders to make a gap. Pass. Shoot to score!


Defender have stacks more options in FIFA 20. Like, fast jockeying. Hold the left trigger to make your defender hold their ground. Now hold down right trigger at the same time. This lets you move explosively in any direction. Use the extra speed to intercept. Or pop a tackle. The ball’s yours now!


Passing is super risky in FIFA 20. That’s why mastering Strafe Dribbling is essential, pitch padawan. As an attacker, hold the left bumper to keep the ball on a tight leash. While holding left bumper, throw right bumper into the mix. This locks your player into the direction they’re currently facing. Translation: space openers for scoring big!

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