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FIFA 22 Cheats

FIFA 22 Cheats

FIFA 22 changes things up on the pitch in some big ways. Here’s a few footy tips to help you have a ball! Available On: PS4, PS5, PC, SWITCH, XBO, XSX/S


Try these tips to give away fewer goals. Get familiar with your midfielders and use them. Lots. Either left bumper or right stick selects them. Now challenge attackers. Block passes. And chase down runners. This keeps your AI-controlled centre backs in better defence. Plus, use L2 to jockey instead of tackling!


Wanna score more goals? Do this! Pass the ball between players to create gaps. Tempt opponents out of position. Plus, master the fake shot. Press shoot, then pass for a fake-out to burst past defenders. Crossing is king in FIFA 22, so practice your accuracy to stack up that score!


It’s easier to score and harder for your opponent to score if you constantly keep the ball. So, don’t sprint all the time. Save it for bursting past isolated defenders. Plus, lean lots on FIFA 22’s honed dribbling. Hold right bumper to keep possession while moving, especially around the box for goal opps!

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