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Game Ninja: Luigi's Mansion 3

Game Ninja: Luigi's Mansion 3

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Hi Game Ninja,

How do I get the purple gem on level two of Luigi's Mansion 3?

Leo, via email


Game Ninja Says

Head to the room with the pool table. Now look for the swords on the wall (to the right of the pool table, before the steps). Vacuum the swords. They’ll fall off the wall. Suck up one of the fallen swords and launch it at the dartboard. Claim your purple gem reward!


Got a question for the Game Ninja? Send an email to!


Carolyn Z
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I just ......
6/1/2021 4:13:57 AM
Edward B
Hey Game Ninja what is the most effective way to train an amiibo in super smash bro’s for Nintendo 3ds
16/7/2020 7:13:58 PM
What weapon would you rather have?
Ninja stars
A Nerf gun