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Game Ninja: Luigi's Mansion 3 (Maid Ghost)

Game Ninja: Luigi's Mansion 3 (Maid Ghost)

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Hi Game Ninja,

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, I can’t find the Maid ghost. It says she is in the bedroom, but I can’t find her! I have looked everywhere and I am stuck. Could you please help me?

Johnny, via email


Game Ninja Says

The mysterious Maid ghost is found on the fifth floor. After E.Gadd asks you to get his briefcase, head to floor five. She moves between rooms. So, at first, she’s in room 508. Then after she noms down E.Gadd’s suitcase, she phases through the wall to room 507. Head back to 507 after you’ve cleaned out the main room and bathroom of 508 to battle her.


Got a question for the Game Ninja? Send an email to!

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