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Game Ninja: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Game Ninja: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Hey Game Ninja,

Can you give me some tips for playing as Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? He’s my favourite character, but I want to be able to beat my friends, and they are good.

Mason, via email


Game Ninja Says

Focus on quickly flowing between dishing out damage on the ground and in aerial attacks. Plus, use the aerial attacks to stop enemies from getting back on the stage. Take advantage of Meta Knight’s low short hops, speedy fast fall, and midair jumps to dodge damage. Use down tilt attacks (attacks + stick movements while crouching) and dashes to kick off powerful combos.


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Liam L
Super smash bros ultimate is my fave game ever!
24/6/2020 5:55:46 PM
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