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Hot Wheels Unleashed Cheats

Hot Wheels Unleashed Cheats

Unlock your full-sized racing potential with these epic tips and tricks for the toy-sized rides in Hot Wheels Unleashed! Available On: PS4, PS5, SWITCH, PC, XBO, XSS/X


Keep your eyes peeled for shortcuts. Some tracks have more than one! You need to pass through checkpoints, but between checkpoints, you’re free to shortcut as much as you like. These shortcuts can save precious seconds off your lap time or get you back in the lead. This is a dev approved tip!


Wanna beat the Secret Race Pads? Use the Motosaurus Car to win the Amazing Drivers race. Win every Boss Race to nab four! Use Bone Shaker to beat the Reckless Driving Race. Use Buns of Steel to beat The Best Race. Finish the Top Secret Race. Nab the Hot Wheels High bus from a Blind Box. Then win any race with it.


There are five rad new rides to unlock. Finish all Quick Races for quack-tastic Duck N Roll. Then best all Time Attacks for Hi-Po Hauler. Beat all Boss Races for Ramblin’ Wrecker. Now sniff out all secrets and unlock all nine Secret Race Pads for 442 Oldsmobile. Plus, score 100% completion to secure the Volkswagen Beach Bomb.

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