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Intro To XEL

Intro To XEL

Dive into the well and dwell in the swell spell of a magical Zelda-like adventure that’s not a hard sell called XEL! Available On: PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX/S, SWITCH

Well, well, well. What’s this then? XEL. A game that excels at being a lot like one of K-Zone’s favest series. Zelda! Prep for this cool combo: take some Breath of the Wild gameplay, throw in some sci-fi and you get why we’re amped for XEL. Poor pilot Reid is (space)shipwrecked on the wacky world of XEL. It’s your gig to help get Reid out of the reeds. Plus, help her recollect her former life and links to XEL as she collects stacks of sweet space swag. Dive into deadly dungeons stuffed with tricky threats and brain-scratching puzzles. Dodge droids. Parry pouncing pests. And combo your way to wild wins. It’s not just rickety robot rascals on XEL. Phew. There are also a few faraway friends to find, rad new moves to master and groovy gadgets to get a grip on. Like the infinitely rad one that lets you leap through time and space.


XEL is being built by Tiny Roar. This tiny team started with two buddies who’ve been gamer mates since they were teenagers. Their thing is making games that are fun, plus EZ to pick up and play. They reckon creating games is the most fun thing in the world (but we reckon playing them is even more fun)!

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