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Luigi's Mansion 3 Cheats

Luigi's Mansion 3 Cheats

Sneak your way through this trio of trembling tips to get the most out of ghost bustin’ in Luigi’s Mansion 3! Available On: Switch


Peeps who wanna 100% Luigi’s Mansion 3 are rewarded with some rad cosmetic treasures, bit by bit. Capture all of those sneaky Boos for the Strobe Light Type-B. Snag all the gems for Suction Shot Type-C. Nabbed both of those? Bust through all the achievements to score the Poltergust Type-G ghost catcher!


When Luigi’s health hits zero, it’s not game over (phew). Zero health in Luigi’s Mansion 3 summons pooch-pal Polterpup to give you more health. Good boy! He takes a Gold Bone as a treaty reward. Initially, you can only store three bones. Finish the game, and you can now stock up to 10 Gold Bones.


When you meet Professor E. Gadd, you can spend gold in his Shopping Network. There are some scarily good deals, but first you need the gold to buy ’em. The fastest way to earn gold is catching Gold Ghosts. There’s one on each floor. They like to hide inside breakable stuff. Smash everything in a room to scare them out!


The tutorial tells you to use face buttons for different abilities. But to avoid right-thumb gymnastics, use the secret alternative buttons instead. Right bumper controls Flashlight. Left bumper activates the Plunger. Push both together for Dark Light. Using the bumpers makes it heaps easier to chase and trap ghosts!


Smashing everything to score gold or sniff out secrets is a great start. But def use the Dark Light to spot more hidden treasures. Like, great grates. Odd objects. And delightful doors. Flash the Dark Light at everything! Plus, there are rad environmental puzzles. Sink pool balls. Melt ice. Cook meat. Play with objects to unlock stacks more secrets.

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Can't get past Helen Gravely. Frustrated! Love the game, though!
17/1/2021 10:18:40 PM
Escaping cage with green Luigi any tips impossible
16/1/2021 6:04:42 AM
Yes I'm playing the game. Having trouble on 3rd floor, missing 2 gems
14/1/2021 8:17:58 AM
Phoenix I
Great game
11/1/2021 7:18:20 PM
Oliver C
My cousin is gonna wanna know these!
8/1/2021 4:38:07 PM
Oliver C
My cousin is gonna wanna know these!
8/1/2021 4:38:03 PM
Austin J
it is so GOOD, I would love to have this game.
25/6/2020 2:04:39 PM
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