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Marvel's Spider-Man Cheats (28th Suit, Time Control, Secret Newspapers)

Marvel's Spider-Man Cheats (28th Suit, Time Control, Secret Newspapers)

Marvel's Spider-Man is available on PS4. These tricks also work for Marvel’s Spider-Man remastered for PS5!


There’s a sneaky 28th Spider-Man suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man. It’s so secret it doesn’t even show up on the Suits page in! First, snap all 50 Secret Photo Ops. It’s easier with a level 50 Proximity Suit Mod. Keep an eye on your mini-map to find them all. Then snap a pic when the camera goes green to score the ESU Suit.


Wanna web-swing your way through marvellous Manhattan in fully daylight, with the lights turning down, or at neon-bright night? First, beat the campaign. Then hit up any Research Station you’ve unlocked. When inside, head right and look for a display panel. Interact to cycle between daytime, sunset time, and night-time!


Did you know there’s a secret collection of newspapers to round up? Visit one of the red newspaper dispensers scattered around the city for a headline story about your Spidey’s latest exploits. You may get some repeats. But there are 28 in total to collect. Missing some? Beat more main missions or side quests!

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