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NBA 2K22 Cheats

NBA 2K22 Cheats

NBA 2K22 is a tricky game to master but these three pointers can help you turn air balls into three-pointers! Available On: ON: PS4, PS5, PC, SWITCH, XBO, XSX/S


Keen for more virtual currency? Try these tricks. Nab your Daily Reward whenever you log in. to sometimes score VC. Watch NBA 2KTV on your in-game smartphone (left on the d-pad). Then vote or answer questions for EZ VC. Plus, complete Quests to stack VC. You also nab VC by just playing the game!


Here’s how to get better at nailing netters. Remember, practice really does make perfect. Create space from defenders. Use all of the time on the shot clock (if you need it)! Be patient with the timing. Get used to jump shots. Now try to time your shot at the peak of your player’s jump.


To win more matches, you’ve gotta master defence. On the D, get in front of attackers. Now get low with the left trigger. Then hold up on the right stick. This is an excellent counter for deft dribblers. Block or guard the ball carriers to slow or stop an attack!

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