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Overcooked! 2 Cheats

Overcooked! 2 Cheats

Dig into these tasty tricks for becoming a master chef in Overcooked! 2 and you will be ruling the kitchen in no time.


Master Dash and Throw early. Dash saves delicious seconds and Throwing is critical in later stage. Get the hang of ‘em early and later levels will be a cinch! 



Playing solo and want to find eight secret Kevin kitchens? In world 1 level 3 get a two-meal combo and in World 2, Level 2 a three-meal combo. In world 2 level 4 score XXXXXXX level 1 score for 50. Still want kitchens? For World 4, level 3 get a four-meal combo and World 4, Level 5, score 400. In World 5, Level 5 grab a five-meal combo and in World 6, Level 4 a five-meal combo.



To be a pro, memorise the kitchen’s recipe and cook in the exact order it's listed. Keep an  I on the customer orders and prepare them in order for combos. Carefully time tasks (like boiling water) to work with jobs. Cleaning the kitchen also avoids fires and keeps you moving fast.


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