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Playing Now: Among Us

Playing Now: Among Us

Follow these tips to up your odds at surviving the copetitive Among Us! PSST! Among Us is an online game, so play privately and safely!


As a Crewmate, keep an eye out for common tasks, like swiping a card or turning a key. Knock ’em over first for an easy way to spot early Impostors. If one person strays away early, they’re likely the Impostor! If you’re the Impostor, mimic these common tasks to avoid detection.


Playing as Impostor is tricky but fun. Learning to fake performing Crewmate tasks is great. Build trust by passing isolated Crewmates without taking them out. Combo faking a task with taking out a Crewmate. Then sabotage the lights. Low lights ruin visibility and lets you dodge witnesses to your sneaky Impostor acts!


Pairing up is risky in Among Us. But completing tasks in groups of three or more makes it tricker for Impostors to isolate you. With lower player counts, pairing up is very risky. Impostors should use pairing up to build trust. Fake tasks. Then take out any isolated players!


Impostors should avoid trying to fake completing visual tasks. Emptying garbage. Clearing asteroids. Submitting scan. Priming shields. Crewmates can see whether these four tasks have actually been done. On the flip side, Crewmates who see another player complete a visual task can safely assume they’re not an Impostor!

Are you playing Among Us? What do you want to know about the game? Comment below!


Jade G
Has anyone played the new airship map yet???
13/4/2021 8:29:31 AM
Kenzie C
I know how to play ;)
24/3/2021 7:17:49 PM
Evan R
go to shelds and stak up 5 players so when the inposter kills a player the rest of them can call out the inposter
27/2/2021 6:58:06 PM
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