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Playing Now: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Playing Now: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It’s not as tasty as dessert, but Minecraft-ing your way through a deserted island is stacks of fun in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Available On: Switch


Tom Nook and his Nook Inc. company have an interesting inkling. Fly peeps to a lonely island for some rest and relaxation. But your main mission on this vacay is to clean the place up. And staycay your own fun-filled way with the help of Nook Inc. staff!


You’re gonna wanna get crafty in New Horizons. As in, you’ll totes be all about crafting. There’s a stack of flimsy things to bash together. Axes for chopping. Shovels for digging. And nets for catching snowflakes. Our fave? A vaulting pole for Last Jedi Luke Skywalkering over rivers!


To get crafty, first you need stuff to craft with. And there’s a bunch of ways to score more so you can build more. Shake or chop trees for wood. Axe rocks for stone, or pocket smaller rocks. Then slap together on a handy Nook Inc. workbench. We obvs adore the comboing of mining and crafting!


Don’t wanna craft? Don’t hafta! Instead, buy craftable swag by ringing bells. Uh, by spending Bells. Bells are the cool currency of New Horizons. And Bells can net you tonnes of thingies. Start your Bell bank by pulling up pesky weeds. Or axe a rock to mine coins (no, really).


New Horizons is packed with iconic island activities. Go fishing for noms. Or catch bugs in a net. Gardening is more than just weeding. Take care of your flowers to keep ’em, uh, flowering! Decorate your island pad. Then redecorate it. Tree blocking the view? Shovel it up and plant it out of sight.


Like IRL, this sweet island getaway isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. One day you’ll cop rays. Another shadowy clouds. Then the pitter-patter (maybe even pelter!) of rain. Or ice-cold snow. Keep a keen eye out for shooting stars at night. Plus, the curious critters that have different reasons to cruise in during different seasons.

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