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Playing Now: Brief Battles

Playing Now: Brief Battles

The brawls in Brief Battles may be brief, but you’ll have to do your deadly dance without the benefit of wearing pants! Available On: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC

Brief Battles is a game about butts. It’s not a beat-’em-up. It’s a butt-’em-up. Brief Battles is mostly about getting into magical, superpowered undies. How cheeky! It’s kinda like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. ’Cept instead of individually superpowered characters, you’ll need to chase down individually superpowered dacks. Armed with the right jocks, you’re ready to rock. Sock the other players in the unmentionables with your magical undies. Without enchanted undies, you can still drop your butts from above. It’s not silent, but it is deadly. But that trick’s a lot skiddier than enchanted tighty-whities that help you fighty. Toss ice. Lob fire. Chuck poison. Drop into brief boxer-chasing challenges solo. Or go cheek-to-cheek with up to three bums… uh, buds. Play together to be the ones with the brawliest buns for hours of epic funs.


Been popped? No stress. When you respawn, you’ll have precious seconds of invulnerability where you can’t be popped again. Scan the map for the nearest briefs box. Then make a beeline for it to dive into the funsies of superpowered undies. No box nearby? Try to lure in a foe and ground pound them instead!

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