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Playing Now: Bugsnax

Playing Now: Bugsnax

Getting the knack of learning to track each new tasty Bugsnak in Bugsnax is a gameplay treat that’s totes worth nomming into! Available On: PS4, PS5, PC

Bugsnax takes a literal approach to that old-school saying, “You are what you eat.” Like, eating a Strabby means growing a strawberry hand or foot. Fancy a carroty appendage? Crunch down on a carrot-like Rootle. Or swap a mitt for meat with a scrumptious scurrying Shishkabug. There are 100 Bugsnax to sniff out. This wacky, snacky life is totes normal on Snaktooth Island. You play as a visiting hotshot journo who’s been tasked with tracking down Aussie adventurer Elizabert Megafig. But after you’re sent tumbling out of your flying ship by a flying pizza, you quickly find that Megafig is mega missing! No need to panic. Her friendly food-fanatic followers are here to guide you. But they’re so hangry for delicious Bugsnax your first deed is to feed ’em before they’ll help with your need. Nattering with them leads to succulent side quests and all-new biomes stuffed with beautiful bounties of bounding Bugsnax!



Click in the right joystick (R3) to whip out the SnaxScope. Every time you’re in a new area, use the SnaxScope to scan absolutely everything. This will start to fill the pages of your super-handy Bugapedia. The Bugapedia is your ultimate guide to capturing the trickier Bugsnax you come across!

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