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Playing Now: Concrete Genie

Playing Now: Concrete Genie

Scribble me this. Scribble me that. in Concrete Genie, Ash’s awesome art skills are where it's at! Available On: PS4

The genies in Concrete Genie have the magic, but they’re totes badder than radder. Before the Darkness arrived in Concrete Genie, Ash’s biggest problem was bullying beat-street meanies. They have quibbles with Ash’s rad scribbles. Nowadays the threats are monstrous. Literally, monsters! A nasty oil spill means Ash has to fight pollution with an artistic solution. Luckily he’s armed with a magical paintbrush smattered with living paint. Help Ash use his noodle to save the whole caboodle of his hometown Denska with sketchbook doodles. It’s not gonna be EZ. Ash has to hash it out with meanie genies out in the dark alleys. Plus, those bullies are now fully ruining the polluted place with nasty graffiti. Clean up their acts while artfully cleaning up the streets. Plus, hunt down the missing pages those big-bad bullies ripped out of Ash’s sketchbook at the start of the game.


There’s a bonus game for anyone who has PlayStation VR. You play in first-person perspective. And like the main game, you paint lively colour into the world. Move the VR controllers to wave a virtual paintbrush wand and splash magical life into this drab place. Our fave bit: there are virtually hours of fun here!

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