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Uwu this is great - Val K-Zone da best, always has been. Shout out gig and will - Daniel k-zone can not get better and shout out to my bestie oliver! - Archie D I LOVE YOUR MAGS THEY ARE FIRE! Keep up the best work guys! - Benjamin S i love your mags - alex hi kzone your best 0_0 - Gabe K zone is cool! - Jackson K- zone is god tier also how do they have all these prizes? rlly gud - Zac O I haven’t won yet😓 - Mia I really wanna win the skater XL game in this months mag... how awesome is K-Zone - dylan b
Playing Now: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Playing Now: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Slide into this great kart racer! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One

It’s kart-tastic time again. This time, with Crash. ’Cept you really don’t wanna, y’know, crash in Crash Team Racing (despite the name)! Crashing means losing precious lap-time seconds. You do wanna make your fellow racers live up to Crash’s name. Expect to bash into walls. Fly off the track. Or skid into traps on your first few laps. (We sure did.) Then race up the rankings. Rev up new tricks. Like, perfecting the timing of a jump boost. Sniffing out super-secret shortcuts that shave off precious seconds. Or discovering the best spots to plop out cheeky traps. Bomb on your head? Mash jump to headbutt it off. Racer on your tailpipe? Bump them into an explosive surprise. Or off a massive drop. You’ll wanna pick a karter to match your racing style. Faster acceleration. Better turning. Epic top speeds. Leading the race pack isn’t always the best strat. That Warp Orb hunts the karter in first! The Aru-Aku mask makes you invincible. Phew. Juice up on apples to boost your abilities. Drop (or fling) them at other racers to zip ahead. Racing solo is tough. But throwing your buddies into the mix is tougher (and funner, obvs). Four friends in splitscreen. Or race even more online.


Slide around corners to build your boost. There’s a handy meter to track it. When it hits red, hit the boost button! But you don’t actually need to watch the meter. Keep an eye on your kart. When sliding, as soon as your exhaust blows black smoke, hit the boost.

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