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Playing Now: Dragon Quest Builders 2

Playing Now: Dragon Quest Builders 2

A dangerous, dragon-ous quest to rebuild a whole new world! Available On: Switch, PS4

Bigger is def better when it comes to Dragon Quest Builders 2. It’s roaring on the ‘more’ factors. More quests. More building. More, uh, numbers in the titles. And you’d best believe that there’s more dragons! This giant new world is waiting for you to craft all over it. Dash or glide around to get around fast. The all-important base building is a cinch. Nab a recipe. Collect the right bits. Then get to constructing your dream base. The bigger your towns, the more peeps you attract. More peeps = more builders, which makes it even easier to build massive new cities. Your buddies will also lend a fighting hand when mean monsters attack. Plus, there’s plenty to do outside those walls you just built. This place is filled with terrific tucked-away treasures. Brain-scratching puzzles. And beastly bosses. Tame the world alone. Your shield and weaps won’t break. So get into biffs!


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the sequel to Dragon Quest Builders. Obvs. But these build-heavy Builders games are a spin-off from a Dragon Quest series. Those main games are turn-based RPGs. And there are 11 of them to play across new and old-school platforms. Bonus trivia: the Japanese version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 already landed in December 2018!

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