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Playing Now: Family Feud

Playing Now: Family Feud

Pull together a bio or chosen family of dudes and dudettes for the fully fun Family Feud with answers that range from savvy to silly! Available On: SWITCH, XBO, XBSX, XBSS

Family fights aren’t fun. But Family Feud sure is. It may be based on the US version of the popular game show. But Aussie spelling totes applies here. The setup is simple. Everyday peeps are surveyed. Their answers are sorted by popularity. And you score points by picking one, two, a few, or all of them correctly. The more popular the pick, the more points you nab. Family Feud uses 1,500+ survey questions, which translates to stacks of replayability. Like, a question might be, things people ask you to smell. Answering “farts” may not be right. But it’s sure to get LOLs from your teammates! Team up with up to four other peeps on the couch. You can even pass one controller to make things easier. Tackle the AI first or face off with two human teams. Buzz in quick to stack up points. Then pass the tricky picks to the other team and def pinch some points.


Time is always ticking down. So get used to using those controller shortcuts to save precious seconds. Type a few letters, and Family Feud will start predicting what word you want. As soon as you see it, use left or right bumper, or left or right trigger to lock it in!

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