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Hi K-Zone, I love your mags and all the cool toys (btw I'm new) - Xavier F I've never won anything before so I hope I do. - James F Shout out to friend Ben for playing parkour with me and Owen and George - Braxton I want the crisp scooter!!!! - Max Hello kzone crew and other kzoners hope everybody having a chill day - Jordan D love the quizzes - Lyla A Shout out to Roblox, for being awesome, like Kzone😎👾☠️ - Caleb W I love cookie clicker and k-zone - owen c K-zone is awesome! - Evan M I love K-Zone. I it good reading - H. E
Playing Now: FEZ

Playing Now: FEZ

Forget about counting down to the Festive Season, when the FEZ-tive Season is where this gaming gift is really at! Available On: SWITCH, IOS, PC, PSV, PS3, PS4, X360

Gomez feels kinda flat. Well, he totes should coz he’s a 2D dude. Surrounded by 2D peeps. In a 2D world. until he’s not. FEZ takes the classic 2D puzzle platformer. Slaps a fanciful red fez on its noggin. Then spins it on its head. Now Switch players can join in on the fun. A quirky old fella with an eyepatch sends you on a mystical adventure. Suddenly, Gomez is blipped away by a chatty cube that explodes into bits. The shattered shards are scattered all over the place. And it’s your job to sniff them all out. Y’know, otherwise the universe will collapse. No pressure. To nab ’em all, you’ll need to spin the world. Each place in this space has four perspectives. Flip back and forward to get an all-new view. Flipping turns impossible leaps into tiny jumps. And opens up all-new exploration paths. Spinning out in a 2D world has never been so fun!


FEZ can feel overwhelming at first when you spin through the four 2D perspectives. But the map is your trusty companion. Explore each new world first. Then pop open the map to see what you’ve missed. Gold outlines on a room mean it’s all clear. Use the map to sniff out missed places to explore!

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