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Playing Now: FIFA 22

Playing Now: FIFA 22

FIFA finally catches up to the total number of players on the pitch at one time with FIFA 22, and you’ll need ’em to scooore. The Switch vers of FIFA 22 may not have all the new features! Available On: PS4, PS5, XBO, XSS/X, SWITCH, PC

Another year, another FIFA, right? ’Cept FIFA 22 has some neat new next-gen tricks its pitching right out onto the pitch! Like, PS5, XSX and XSS players can get hyped for Hypermotion. This tight tech boasts IRL-like soccer moves. Plus on-pitch players move and interact in rad realistic ways. It totes feels like a proper soccer bout. ’Cept you’re in full control! Nabbing netters is trickier for all platforms. Coz goalies are better than ever at Superman saves. Whip out the fancy footwork to find a way. Then worm through tighter defence that works together. Tackling has a better chance of snatching the ball. Good thing sprint has nabbed a Flash-speed upgrade for big bursts with the ball. Oh, and the ball physics are betterer than ever-er. So lean on loft passes more. And master the bounce of a driven pass. Even if you’re a FIFA newcomer, early matches adjust the difficulty based on how you play.


Sink some time into mastering the new skill moves. Like, the four-touch skill is super handy when you’re dangerously close to the sideline. Or pop out a first-time spin that’d make Ronaldinho proud. Bamboozle with the ball via the scoop turn fake! Then bridge the gap with a skill bridge.

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