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Playing Now: GRID

Playing Now: GRID

GRID is totes short for ‘get rid… of really long racing game names so the title is as fast-paced as the high-speed in-game hijinks’. Phew! Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Tearing up the tarmac is totes the norm in racing games. But GRID Autosport has sped up its title to a punchy GRID to zip away from the pack. Ram a racer and you’ll find a foe. Hire a high-speed racing partner, then chase the pole position together. But don’t get too attached to your new moto-mates. Some of them don’t push corners. Others are a tad too aggro. Find a fast friend that best matches your race-day way. You’ll be fighting high-speed, wheel-to-wheel battles in the cramped streets of terrific tracks. From all around the globe! Hold your breath through a tight corner overtake. Cheer as you zip past a bumper-to-bumper collision. All at impossible high speeds in possibly some of the coolest racing cars to zip out of a racing-game garage. Like, current high-speed rides. Classic beasts. Marvellous muscle cars. And souped-up modified speedsters that’d make Iron Man turn his head.


GRID has a nemesis system that’s easy to accidentally activate. Any time you unintentionally (or deliberately) play bumper cars with another racer, there’s a chance they’ll take it personally. If they do, they’ll be marked as your nemesis racer. Avoid car bumps and scrapes with other racers to stay nemesis-free!

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