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Playing Now: Heave Ho

Playing Now: Heave Ho

When you’re a head with arms, all you need is your noggin and your arm-guns to blast through Heave Ho! Available On: Switch, PC

Heave Ho is one of the funnest party games we’ve ever played. And it’s a cinch to learn. This 2D puzzle platformer is all about the physics. There are two things to worry about. Grabbing. And swinging. That’s it! You’re a head with arms, so use your IRL head to plot a path. Then use your in-game hands to grab on. Swing your way across the level to the exit. It sounds simple. But it gets real tricky. Real fast. Fall off screen and your characters splatter Splatoon-style and paint the stage. You can swing alone. But there are big belly laughs to be had when hanging with friends. Up to four peeps can work together to trapeze through the tricky trials. First, pick a rad unique look from a stack of hilarious options. Then link hands to swing and grab your way across levels faster. Or race solo to get there first.


Certain stages have collectable coins. Focus on nabbing ’em first. It’s easiest if you hold the coin between players. Once you’ve netted the coin, focus on getting everyone to the exit. Or just swing and release the coin to net a basketball shot. Don’t fret! The coin respawns if you miss.

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