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I love you so much - Mani Kzone is awesome I’ve read you since I was 5years old and I still love it - Jaeger Hello world! - Eugene Shout out to friend Ben for playing parkour with me and Owen and George - Braxton K-Zone is awesome 😎 - Eli B HELLO, HELLO, HELLO! K-Zone is awesome and I looove it! - Taj Hi guys - Jack G Shout out to my friend Nicole who loves K zone. - Cody Shoutout to my friend Nicole she is a fan of k zone - Cody T I've never won anything before so I hope I do. - James F
Playing Now: Knockout City

Playing Now: Knockout City

Turn dodgeball into a hodgepodge brawl in a fully fast and fun-filled fight to find out which brawler is most baller! Psst! Knockout City is an online game, so play privately and safely! Available On: SWITCH, PC, PS4, XBO, PS5, XSS/X

Sports with round balls tend to be booted or batted away. But Knockout City takes a dodgeball basis and transforms it into a large brawl! Why be a baller when you can be a brawler? And Knockout City is more than just dodging and tossing balls. Ball tossed at you? Perfectly time a grab to snatch it and power up your return volley. Or defy physics and curve chuck the ball around walls for beyond okay KOs. Don’t fret if you’ve dropped the ball. Become the ball for a teammate to hurl. Or charge a teammate ball for a devastating KO-from-above Ultimate Throw. Each map has a unique brawl ball and gameplay feature. Like, Back Alley Brawl has a cross-map Sniper Ball for long-range laughs. Plus, transportation tubes for frantic flanks and close-call getaways. Learn the ropes in 3v3 Team KO. Then square off in a shrinking 1v1 map on Face Off for full-fledged fun


Faking throws is a super sneaky way to land easy hits on an opponent. Click in the right stick to wind up but not release. This is a great trick for throwing off a savvy foe’s timing! On the receiving end? Wait until the last second to catch a throw to sniff out fakes.


Love the game it was life changing. The best game I have ever experienced. I vote 5 out of 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.
16/11/2021 7:56:41 PM
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