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Playing Now: Luigi's Mansion 3

Playing Now: Luigi's Mansion 3

The only thing that sucks in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the sucker ghosts getting sucked into Luigi’s Poltergust G-00 anti-ghoul vacuum cleaner! Available On: Switch

Who’s Luigi gonna call when a free vacay turns into a horror stay? The mad lad Professor E. Gadd, natch! Luigi’ll need this fellow’s weird and anti-scared contraptions to survive until checkout time. Bust the spirited dust of the poltergeist with a gust from E. Gadd’s Poltergust G-00. This switches the ghostly goons from booing to booming in a flash. Give the ghouls the ol’ 1-2-3 combo to put them to rest for good. Stun a ghostly goon with your torch. Then nab the haunting, howling horrors with your G-00 crit crypt cleaner. Finally, slam ’em into ghostly bits (bonus points for slamming them into other freaky fools). Some sneaky spectres are trickier. You’ll need the totes-not-sucky Suction Shot to rip away shields. Surrounded by spirits? No worries! Use Burst to get breathing space. You can tame this haunted house alone. But we love sharing this awesome adventure with a Gooigi co-op buddy.


Love vacuuming up all the shiny stuff? Course you do! Good news: there are stacks of secrets in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Before leaving a room, make sure you’ve smashed everything. Then check behind the walls. Use Luigi’s Suction Shot ability to rip ’em down. Then go to town on the sweet swag tucked away out of sight.

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