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Playing Now: Lunch A Palooza

Playing Now: Lunch A Palooza

Sink your teeth into this restaurant roundhouse that pits a packed plate of tasty food items in a crazy-cool kitchen throwdown! Available On: Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC

Lunch A Palooza is far from a snoozer, as you battle to be the last snack standing. In this ultimate food fight, you play as the mighty meals. Bash as Burger. Corn’s kernel attacks are totes not corny. Def do not forget about Donut’s blow attacks. Plus, a fistful of other fridge fighters to make a meal out of your mates. You can cook alone, but def turn up the heat with four-player food fights. Battle side-by-side in Side Dish mode. Or turn a buffet into a biff, eh, with Main Course mode. Our fave deadly dish? Royal Buffet. Every time your food is tossed off the table, you respawn as another bit of chow ready to pow. Watch out for the tricky traps on the dynamic stages. Def nom on powerful power-ups that pop up. And remember, the more you play as your fave food, the more tasty extras you unlock. There aren’t any paloozas with this winning dish!


There are eight different ruckus tuckers to choose from, and they all have stacks of snack attacks. Some are built for food fighting at range. Others are great for making space. How they move is also important! Start with the deadly dishes that are trickier to flip over and munch on from there.

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