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Playing Now: Mario Party Superstars

Playing Now: Mario Party Superstars

Available On: SWITCH


There just ain’t no part-ay like a Mario Party Superstars part-ay! Pick your fave Mushroom Kingdom mainstay, like mainstay Mario. Party-pal Peach. Or you-betcha Yoshi. You’ll run into toe-tapping Toads. Boom-box Bowser. And chillin’ Chain Chomps. What’s this party game packing apart from majestic Mushroom Kingdom kerfuffle-rs? Five parts iconic Nintendo 64 board games. (They’re totes the opposite of bored games!) Slink into a spacesuit and shoot out past the stars in Space Land. Or would you rather work your way into the Woody Woods? No wrong answers here! Now add another 100 parts mighty and marvellously mayhem-packed minigames. Now the only part it needs to make it a proper party is you! And, like, maybe a mate (or three) to play against. Slap the dice block to dash around the board. Doesn’t matter if the dice take a dive. There’s always a chance to Blue Shell your way to the top spot in Mario Part Superstars.

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