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Playing Now: Miitopia

Playing Now: Miitopia

The only 'me' missing from Miitopia is the stacks of you and Mii mates you add to your rad RPG roster of rascals! Available On: Switch

Miitopia is a heartwarming and hilarious adventure starring you. So make your own Mii. Name it. Pick a classy RPG class. Then fill the world with other Mii characters based on anyone you like. Mates. Fam. Your fave movie heroes. Plus, make a face and name your nasty nemesis, Dark Lord. Then face off against this familiar-faced freak who took the faces off your friends. All that hard work going through the paces of making faces and now Dark Lord has snatched them away? Not on our Mii face-watch! Time to get your cool crew together and level with them about levelling up. You’ll need their help during tricky turn-based tussles. Like, a big boss battle against a tail-feather-shaking turkey called Twerkey. All that stuff’ll be familiar to fans of the 3DS Miitopia game. But this Switch revamp is the real champ. Cool new customisation. Groovy graphics. And animal pals to help in your jolly journey!


The Safe Spot is a super versatile lifesaver in battles. It’s totes handy for getting battlers back to health. And topping up their MP for casting more spells. Use it as many times as needed! Plus, it can be used to remove negative status effects and skip a Mii’s turn.

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