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Playing Now: Pac-Man Geo

Playing Now: Pac-Man Geo

This Pac-Man packs a tonne of fun by bridging the gaps between in-game maps and IRL streets to create stacks of places to play! Available On: IOS, ANDROID

Pac-Man is one of those timeless series that never gets old. In fact, ancient Pac-Man padawans would totes become Pac-Man Jedi Masters by mastering the patterns of the same ol’ maps. Not anymore! Pac-Man Geo mixes up the classic gameplay with an IRL twist. While Pokémon Go gets you out in the streets. Pac-Man Geo converts real-world streets into pellet-packed lanes. Nom all the pellets to clear a stage. But it’s not all straight lines like classic Pac-Man. Roundabouts put a spin on things. Dead ends are deadly. And curvy roads let you pick the best nomming line on the other half of the course. You can Pac-Man wherever you like. Spin around the globe. Find an amazing place you want to turn into a maze. Then zoom in to take the level for a spin. Conquer your neighbourhood. Your school. Or the other side of the world. Plus, build your own amazing mazes!


Try to keep track of where the Power Pellets are. You really want to pick paths that help nab those powerful pals at even intervals. If you nab them all at once, the back half of the map will be spent running from ghosts. Space it out, and you can nom them instead!

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