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Playing Now: Paper Mario: The Origami King

Playing Now: Paper Mario: The Origami King

A new Paper Mario game enters a paper plane of existence where old foes become new friends for a whole stack of fun! Available On: Switch

It’s been four years since the last Paper Mario game. Now, this Playing Now page is your paper invitation to a flatter kind of Mario adventure. It’s not flatter in terms of its fun (it’s flippin’ fun). It’s flatter coz Mario is a paper-made hero in Paper Mario: The Origami King. This original origami plot unfolds as Mario teams up with new folded friend Olivia. Wait. What’s this? Good golly, Olivia is the heroic sis of all-new big-bad King Olly! How bad is he? Well, he’s folded Princess Peach into his ranks. If he gets his way, he’ll flatten the entire world. It’s not just the bad guy’s good sis on your side in The Origami King. Usually nasty nemesis Bowser is Mario’s fresh friend. His goons have been turned into paper-thin Folded Soldiers. Battle these ex-Bowser baddies in your adventure. Get lost in carefully crafted open-world levels. Plus, stretch out with Mario’s versatile 1,000-Fold Arms to strongarm puzzle solutions.


There’s an art to folding foes into their flattened forms in the turn-based battles. First, get used to planning your strats under clock pressure. Next, line up multiple foes in a row for the flattening treatment. Finally, time your attacks on each to nab perfect timing. The result? More damage and, more importantly, more coins!

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